Evolution doesn’t exist; faith does

Irving Forbing from Escondido, CA will frequently be the butt of our derision for his militantly ignorant disbelief in evolution. Perhaps he cannot believe in evolution because he has not yet evolved with the rest of his species and doesn’t notice he is still dragging his knuckles on the ground with his discourse.

“A barrier appears when scientists try to breed various plants or animals. It is this barrier that prevents evolution from taking place in nature. The fruit fly, when bred for more or less bristles, encounters sterility. It also always remains a fruit flt. For the same reason, bacteria never evolve a resistance to antibiotics.

They can’t (SGP – he enters his website here and I will not contribute to your irritation any more than simply repeating his editorials). David Cortez (Letters, June 26) is absolutely right. They don’t have the genetic structure to do so.

Dogs can be bred to extremes, but to their detriment. The Pekingese and the British bulldog are so finely bred that they have breathing difficulties. Cows bred for milk need to be milked every day, or they die.

Goethe said, “In order to spend on one side, nature is forced to economize on the other side.”

“Nowhere in the animal or plant kingdom is there a species that is capable of the infinite plasticity demanded by evolution theory,” Richard Milton wrote, in “Shattering the Myth.”

Species can’t evolve and don’t, in either plant or animal kingdoms. Luther Burbank knew this very well. So do scientists who try to accommodate evolution, but they must defend it. It’s all they have.I would love to stick his nose into a petri dish and watch the bacteria evolve as he watched. Yes, it evolves quickly. In only ten years, a scientist who created several lines of bacteria from one single bacterium, is now showing that the new bacteria differ substantially from the parent bacterium and have actually evolved into a new, different strain. Now, if only he could show that the new generation had legs, those cute Darwin Fish stickers on our cars would look really prescient.