Darwin’s theory of evolution is not established

Donna K. Miller of Fallbrook, CA sent this editorial to her local paper, which is proof positive that the public needs lessons in biology and rational thought.

“What is the foundation of science? It is observation. Was anyone around to see the beginning of the universe? No? Well, then, we are left to guess what happened to produce such minds complex enough to debate the question. And that is what evolution is, as defined by this debate. It is a mere guess. A theory.

By saying this, I am not discounting the actual evolution of adaptive characteristics, say, a bacterium must achieve to resist antibiotics. But no one has ever seen a bacterium evolve into a fish or a fish into a mammal, and so on to the crowning glory of man.

Everywhere one looks, from the simplest cell to the complexity of all the universe’s systems, evidence is staring scientists in the face that these systems were directly designed (with all their parts present and working together at the same time) by an intelligent agent.

Which is why I grow tired of hearing that evolution is scientifically established. How refreshing it would be if public schools were free to teach all theories of origins and let the student decide which paradigm best fits the evidence.”

Caltech physicist, Richard Feynman, didn’t have patience for people like this who try to fool Mother Nature and defined science as “a long history of learning how not to fool ourselves.” Alan Alda, who played Feynman at the Mark Taper Forum recently, said “Discerning truth doesn’t require that we all become scientists. But it does require that we base our beliefs about the world on investigation rather than faith.” He’s not only a great actor, but a critical thinker.