Science and faith are both needed

Faith & Values

Neill Korvig from San Marcos, CA is evolving at only a slightly faster pace than Irving Forbing, by allowing modern science it’s place in Man’s journey through time. Neither uses rational thought nor evidence as a basis for their opinions. Scientific Gospel maintains that science and religion ask very different questions and each gives different answers for different reasons. Faith is irrational and will not change with time despite evidence, while science is rational and changes with new knowledge.

“I see that Theodore Speigel will not let matters rest in our battle of faith vs. facts. Again, he rehashes his tired old argument that faith does not take common sense into account. Quite to the contrary.

It is my belief that faith is common sense, a set of truths and values that have withstood millennia of abuse and ignorance. I’m almost certain that Mr. Spiegle will dismiss my beliefs as he has so frequently in the past; my common sense tells me that much.

Spiegel also seems to think that I claimed to know the meaning of all the allegory in the Bible. I never purported to know all the meaning contained in the Scriptures. What I said was that there is enough within those sacred pages to sustain us through good times and bad, by means of faith.

What I do is believe. I also must inform Mr. Spiegel that I never debunked science, as he claims. Science is an important and vital part of modern-day living. I have no desire to return to the practices of the 10th century, let me assure you. There is no reason why science and faith cannot be reconciled.

However, the principles of faith must not be abandoned in favor of complete reliance upon science. Science cannot explain everything, Mr. Spiegel, but faith can fill in the gaps.”