Donald at the Bat – Day 345

Day 345

Another shoe has dropped from Donald’s Russian centipede.

George Papadopoulos, the “coffee boy,” has done the deed.

In 2016, he told Aussies, Russia had some dirt

That they could use on Hillary and hoped that it would hurt.


The Aussies told our FBI.  Of course, they took a look.

Bob Mueller is still looking to find out if Trump’s a crook.

Did he collude as Russians interfered in our campaign?

Or, as he has maintained, did he stay strictly in his lane?


From Donald’s business practices, we know that he will cheat,

Do anything and everything he can so he can beat

Whomever he is working with out of a few more bucks,

Whatever deal they’re working on; our banks think Donald sucks.


How likely is it, with this history, Donald played it straight?

Not bloody likely; in this game the stakes are just too great.

He’d likely bend the rules with anyone who’d help him win.

For winning is the greatest virtue; losing is a sin.


So Mueller pokes; the Donald tweets; Republicans all sweat.

Reporters write and we all wonder: how bad can this get?

The stock market is way up high; that doesn’t help the poor.

The tax cut will not either; if you’re poor, then you’re still dour.