Donald at the Bat – Day 344

Day 344

While “working” at his golf club, Donald gave an interview

For thirty minutes, no staff present, panic would ensue.

The usual hyperbole in all he had to say,

(He understands the tax bill better than a CPA.)


He had two observations that he thought we all should know.

The Russian probe makes us look bad so Bob should let it go.

Trump is not firing anyone.  Bob Mueller will be fair.

But Trump said sixteen times that there is no collusion there.


Reporters know Trump may grow a Pinocchio-length nose.

So, firing Mueller?  And collusion?  Speculation grows.

If Trump thinks that Bob Mueller’s fair and that he’ll soon be cleared,

Then why are Bob, the FBI, and Justice being smeared?


Then Trump moved on to China, and Xi’s hospitality,

Which showed Trump greater honor than in all of history.

He noted Xi was sneaking oil to North Korea’s Kim.

And Donald is pissed off.  “That’s not the deal I made with him.”


So Donald Trump is puzzled; it can’t be that he was played.

Xi’s pomp and circumstance for show and all that fuss he made?

How could a man like Xi who thinks that Donald is so great

Not strictly keep the deal they made?  That Trump can’t tolerate.


Besides the interview the Tweeter once more sallied forth.

He pointed out that, this December, cold air from up North,

Casts doubt on global warming, well, at least in Donald’s view.

There’s weather within climate change; the data show it’s true.


It’s very cold in New York state and pretty warm down South.

Though Trump is warm in Florida, he chose to run his mouth

Or flex his thumbs and tweet his ignorance for all to see.

To emphasize once more for us his mental stagnancy.


Trump also pointed out with pride how much the Press needs him.

If he’s not re-elected, that will be as bad for them.

So they should treat him better, for without him, they’d go broke.

There would be nothing else to cover.  And, “fake news” is a joke.


His HIV/AIDS Council members were all fired today.

Trump gave no one a reason, just told them to go away.

Their job has not been finished; neither vaccine nor a cure.

Is this more war on science?   Are AIDS victims mostly poor?