Donald at the Bat – Day 995, Predators and Victims

Day 995, Predators and Victims 


Have you ever watched a cheetah chasing after antelope?

The swiftest often are not caught; the slowest have no hope.

It’s ever thus with predators; they seek the weakest prey.

And, that is true in politics, as we can see today.


Trump is a classic predator, who seeks the weakest prey,

The prejudiced, the slow, and strangely, many folks who pray.

The bigots, no surprise, but shouldn’t fundamentalists

All recognize Trump’s sinfulness and cross him off their lists?


The bigots have no self-respect; that’s why they’re filled with hate.

The slow of study, likewise, easy to manipulate.

But why do Christians tolerate this bloviating man?

For, isn’t Trump’s behavior what Christ’s message seeks to ban?


Could it be right wing judges overturning Roe v Wade?

Or cancelling the ACA, Barack Obama made?

The Bible doesn’t ban abortion, doesn’t use the word.

The ACA cares for the poor, (approved by Christ, we’ve heard.)


Such weaknesses are fodder on which Donald Trump can feed.

He’ll stalk and chase our weaknesses, continue to succeed,

Until somebody spanks him as we would a willful child.

And, if he doesn’t get a spanking, he will still run wild.


“We’ve met the enemy and he is us,” Walt Kelly said. (1)

For some flock to the predator, who ought to flee, instead.

And when the predator is caught, his prey will still remain.

Their presence means democracy is circling the drain.


(1)  See the Pogo poster for Earth Day, April 22, 1970.