Donald at the Bat – Day 984 (no Day 983), The Whistleblower Story

Day 984, The Whistleblower Story 


Trump sees impeachment coming, which he’s desperate to evade.

His problems are much worse than just a porn star he has laid.

He’s pushed a right wing story of who hacked the DNC:

The Democrats and the Ukraine, a grand conspiracy.


Bob Mueller said, “It’s Russia,” which Vlad Putin has denied.

And, in believing Putin, Trump implied our people lied.

Trump’s story is the Democrats conspired to hack themselves,

A story that gets crazier, the deeper that one delves.


And then, of course, there’s Hillary: her emails, one more time,

As Donald Trump looks everywhere to dredge up grime and slime.

Joe Biden, the Ukraine, plus Hillary and her emails,

Investigated and debunked, yet Donald Trump still wails.


When you are doing sleight of hand, you have to misdirect.

Trump has no evidence to cite, so he can’t be direct.

Therefore he says, “Look here; look there; but please don’t look at me.

“And if you do, then you must not believe the things you see.”


“The whistleblower’s allegations are all second hand.”

Such lame defenses look a lot like Custer’s final stand.

Trump’s phone call with Zelensky showed the “whistler” was right.

Trump’s testicles are in a vise, which Schiff is squeezing tight.


Can Donald “out” the whistleblower, as he wants to do?

He says the person is a “spy,” which is a novel view.

The whistleblower law says he must stay anonymous.

It’s one more law that Trump might break, and this one’s dangerous.


Intimidation of a witness is a felony.

The Mafiosi do it; it’s a mark of tyranny.

And now the polls are turning, telling Congress, “Go ahead

“With your impeachment inquiry and that fills Trump with dread.


Now Giuliani’s been subpoenaed for some documents

That show the State Department also sought a false pretense

For going after Biden to whom Donald thinks he’ll lose.

Is there no sleazy tactic that Trump’s toadies will not use?


And guess what?  Mike Pompeo heard the Trump-Zelensky call.

He knew of the extortion, cover-up, he heard it all.

Trump, Giuliani, Barr, Pompeo swimming in the sewer.

With all these feces floating, can our nation long endure?


There’s even more; Australia’s PM has been asked to dig

To try to find corruption somewhere in Bob Mueller’s gig.

So, once more Trump asks foreigners to help him win again.

Though Donald doesn’t have a hand, he’s raised the bet all in.


“Subpoena iacta est!”  Schiff cried. “We’ve crossed the Rubicon.  (1)

The Democratic legions form with swords and javelins drawn.

Trump’s legions are in disarray; can they withstand attack?

And, if they’re taken prisoner, will they crack on the rack?


(1)  Julius Caesar, January 10, 49 BCE.  “The die is cast.”