Donald at the Bat – DAy 982, Impeaching Trump Blues

Day 982, Impeaching Trump Blues 


I woke up this morning; all over the news,

There’s talk of impeachment, Trump paying his dues.

Republicans hiding from sharing their views,

But they too are catching Impeaching Trump Blues.


Trump went after Biden, back in the Ukraine.

He says there’s corruption that Joe must explain.

Joe’s son was in business for personal gain.

But look at Trump’s family; the charge is insane.


Trump asked Ukraine’s leader to please interfere.

It worked back in sixteen; he’ll try it this year.

Trump’s running his office like an auctioneer.

And some folks think Putin is Trump’s financier.


Trump’s stooge, Giuliani and now, Billie Barr,

Both caddy for Donald to help him shoot par.

They think he’s like Putin and should be the czar.

Now all three are headed for feathers and tar.


Support for Trump fading from “disloyal Jews.”

He’s looking for leakers that he can abuse.

Someone blew a whistle and that lit a fuse.

The whole country’s catching Impeaching Trump Blues.