Donald at the Bat – Day 966, Despicability

Day 966, Despicability


If you have doubts of Trump’s ability

To sink below despicability,

Then note, he won’t accept Bahamians,

Ignoring basic Christian charity.


On Abaco, a class five hurricane,

Assaulted them two days with wind and rain.

With thousands missing, every home destroyed,

Trump’s attitude seems downright inhumane.


Trump says storm refugees need documents.

When they’ve lost everything; that’s just nonsense,

So Trump knows that his ruling keeps them out.

Poor, desperate brown folks barred by one more fence.


Let’s all recall the Good Samaritan.

How would he treat those slammed by Dorian?

He’d bind their wounds, give them a place to stay.

Will Pence tell that to Trump?  Will anyone?