Donald at the Bat – Day 965, Bolton Bolted

Day 965, Bolton Bolted 


John Bolton bolted for the door.

Trump tweets he kicked him out.

For John would not be Donald’s whore;

That’s what this was about.


John Bolton’s whole philosophy

Is: don’t make love, make war.

Don’t waste time on diplomacy;

John likes his blood and gore.


The Donald uses government

To buy and sell and steal.

For Trump, the only sacrament

Is cash (or sex appeal?)


John thinks America should lead

But not just make a deal.

You make the other guys concede

With missiles, guns, and steel.


Today is 9-11 day

When terror, death, and fear,

Rained down, so we tried Bolton’s way.

The Taliban’s still here.


So Bolton is out in the cold.

We hear the liberals cheer.

Before long John will be too old

To tell us, “Hold my beer.”