Donald at the Bat – Day 943, Planned Parenthood

Day 943, Planned Parenthood 


Is every fetus holy, as believes the Christian Right?

Rape?  Incest?  Neither matters; God’s will makes both all right.

A fetus that’s unwanted, or with lethal birth defects?

If you are pregnant, then deliver; that’s what Trump directs.


The Hyde Amendment says no federal dollars may be spent  (1)

To pay for an abortion, no, not even one red cent.

Right wingers use this law when they attack Planned Parenthood

To drive them out of business; nothing they do can be good.


But Trump is going farther; now a doctor can’t refer

A woman to a private clinic, where they might help her

To terminate a pregnancy, from incest or from rape.

A pregnant woman must give birth; from that, there’s no escape.


There’s nowhere in the Bible saying, “Thou shalt not abort.”

And Roe v Wade permits it; thus has ruled our highest court.

Some Christians call it murder.  Neither God nor courts agree.

Just unsupported faith says, “Murder in the first degree.”


Though Donald used to be “pro choice,” he’s learned the other song.

“Pro life” solidifies his base, so he will sing along.

Trump’s only screen on what he says is, “Will base voters bite?”

And, if they don’t, he’ll change his tune and sometimes, that same night.


Planned Parenthood will now forego all federal support.

For disadvantaged women, they’re the court of last resort,

For contraception, Pap smears, breast exams, prenatal care,

Just to keep Trump’s base intact.  In what way is that fair?


(1)  The Hyde Amendment, named after Illinois Congressman, Henry Hyde, was passed in 1977.  It forbids federal funds for abortion except in cases of rape or incest or when the mother’s life is in danger.  The Trump Administration’s recent action is much more draconian with regard to women’s reproductive rights.