Donald at the Bat – Day 942, Buying Greenland

Day 942, Buying Greenland 


Trump thinks he might buy Greenland.  Just to watch the glaciers melt?

Or watch the oceans rising from the fever Earth has felt?

The fossil fuels we’re burning mean the Earth is getting hot,

In spite of oil companies who say that it is not.


What might Trump want with Greenland, new lakeside developments?

Trump Towers in the arctic, adding to emoluments?

An air force base named after him to house more of our planes?

A big, Trump namesake naval base, controlling shipping lanes?


Or could he lease the wilderness to oil companies,

Or lease the arctic waters, now we know that they won’t freeze?

With fishing rights and hunting rights and jobs for Eskimos…

(They will provide cheap labor for Ivanka to make clothes.)


We’d have to borrow money.  (Trump increased the deficit.)

But trillion dollar deficits don’t bother Trump a bit.

Trump works with borrowed money, often does not pay it back.

A business going bankrupt: old news for this kleptocrat.


We doubt that Trump is serious; he just wants to distract.

There are signs of recession, which is a disturbing fact.

For Donald’s re-election, a robust economy,

Is clearly necessary and facts are the enemy.


Though Greenland is not up for sale; we can’t afford to buy,

Trump has proposed it anyway; he’s just that kind of guy.

Of course, it’s all nonsensical; that’s just the Donald’s way.

Do we think Donald might propose that Mexico will pay?