Donald at the Bat – Day 922, Medicare for All?

Day 922, Medicare for All? 


Have healthcare for all?  It works overseas,

At two thirds the cost, with better results.

Conservative minds can’t be set at ease.

“Socialized Medicine,” makes them convulse.


The data are clear; it costs a lot less.

With one single payer footing the bill.

The major objection, seen in the press,

Is, taxes go up; that gives some a chill.


And private insurance always costs more,

For profits compete with patients’ welfare.

We must ask ourselves: what is healthcare for?

To generate profits or provide care?


To have lower costs and healthcare for all—

Then tell profiteers to go take a hike.

Though taxes go up, our own costs will fall.

Better health, lower costs: what’s not to like?