Donald at the Bat – Day 916, Mueller’s Testimony

Day 916, Mueller’s Testimony


“Not with a bang (nor) a whimper,” but simply fact after fact, (1)

Mueller, no drama, just substance, confirmed the Russian attack,

Confirmed how Donald obstructed, (his motive to save his ass.)

Mostly just single word answers, frequently Bob took a pass.

Mueller was clearly reluctant, sticking close to his report.

Barr muzzled Bob with a letter, to keep The Boss out of court.


GOP members defended, saying Trump was not a crook.

Though Trump tried, he’d not succeeded.  That’s how they read Mueller’s book.

Sure, Trump’s team met with the Russians and used the stuff Russians hacked;

And lied about all the meetings, but with no notarized pact.

Trump told McGahn to fire Mueller; but McGahn said, “I’ll resign.”

Donald’s attempt at obstruction, since unsuccessful, was fine.


What shall we do with the Donald?  Right wingers say, “Let’s move on.”

But Donald might be indicted, Mueller said, after he’s gone.

Trump, therefore, needs re-election.  It’s existential for him.

When lacking Barr’s strong protection, Trump’s freedom prospects look dim.

Nancy’s still not for impeachment.  Right-wingers will save their man.

Party has come before country; they’re true to Trump and the clan.


Bills for election protection and cyber security,

Killed by the GOP Senate, make clear their priority.

They must think Putin will help them like he helped Donald before.

So to make sure Russians get in, they have left open the door.

Mitch has just killed two more measures to make elections secure,

Just to make sure Russia’s Putin picks up Republican spoor.


  1. See, The Hollow Men by T. S. Eliot