Donald at the Bat -Day 850b, Trump’s Finances

Day 850b, Trump’s Finances


The Germans and the Russians may yet cook the Donald’s goose,

For evidence of money laundering has gotten loose.

Both Donald Trump’s and Jared Kushner’s funds with Deutche Bank

Show mixing with the Russians’.  Vladimir says “Vielen dank.” (1)


As usual, the New York Times has its colonoscope

Shoved all the way up Donald’s ass, with no pain killing dope.

Contaminating feces there: bratwurst and stroganoff.

Trump’s peristaltic rhythms: Bach mixed with Rachmaninoff.


So, Deutche Bank has issued non-denials, where they claim

Their chiefs did nothing wrong; it is the middle ranks they blame.

Suspicious movements did occur.  A crime? “Nein, nyet,” (both, “no.”)

The woman that reported them is gone.  Where did she go?


Will Treasury investigate?  That’s Steve Mnuchin’s call.

Since he is Donald’s lackey, we all doubt he has the gall.

But, bit by bit, Trump’s pile of shit acquires a Russian stink,

With caviar and vodka, though Trump claims he doesn’t drink.


(1)  Vielen dank, “Thanks a lot.”  Putin was a KGB spy in East Germany and speaks German.