Donald at the Bat – Day 850, The Skill to Get Elected

Day 850, The Skill to Get Elected


The skill to get elected does not correlate at all

With governing effectively.  Although one may enthrall

A crowd with bumper sticker thoughts, in office, compromise,

Analysis, and listening are skills to exercise.


You also have to value what your experts have to say.

You simply can’t know everything; you must grow every day.

The country is more complex than the minions of your base.

The whole world is more complex yet, religions, cultures, race.


It’s easy to play to a crowd who liked you from the start

But president of all the people is a tougher part.

The program to stir up your crowd is: stick with your old hits.

But an effective leader is not one who just bullshits.


So let us pick someone of substance, the next time we vote.

For we need competence, not just a self-absorbed showboat.

Are those who win elections often bad at governing?

A flaw built in democracy?  Is our ass in a sling?