Donald at the Bat – Day 840, The Enemy Is Us

Day 840, The Enemy Is Us


We have met the enemy and he is us.

We have thrown our own bodies under the bus.

We’ve elected a man, a non-democrat.

Donald Trump wants to be a pure autocrat.


Democracy means that we must compromise,

Debating with those whom we sometimes despise.

The Executive is just one branch of three.

Three co-equal branches don’t always agree.


And now Donald Trump wants to trash the whole thing,

For he wants to write all the music we sing.

But Donald is tone deaf, can’t carry a tune.

It’s clear in five minutes when you hear him croon.


Trump also announced that he’s going to defy

Subpoenas from Congress.  See him tumefy.

All topics and subjects: he says he’ll refuse

To give information that Congress can use.


He wants to make money as he runs the show.

He kisses the ass of Vlad Putin, we know.

For Donald, we all know that money is god.

What’s Vlad got on Donald?  What’s his cattle prod?


We have to pay taxes to have public schools.

Trump thinks paying taxes is only for fools.

There’s water and power, firemen and police,

If we don’t pay taxes, these services cease.


But Trump avoids taxes like they are the plague.

He says he is smart but he’s pulling our leg.

No, Donald is selfish; the laws are to skirt.

Enforce all the laws?  His contempt is overt.


His disdain for the truth, reality, facts,

And history of cheating on all his contracts,

Have proven to all he’s a liar and crook.

Trump thinks that just losers do things by the book.


We knew all of this and still voted him in,

A blot on our souls if we do it again.

We have thrown our whole nation under the bus.

Yes, we’ve met the enemy, and he is us.