Donald at the Bat – Day 839, Trump Lost a Billion Dollars

Day 839, Trump Lost a Billion Dollars


Trump lost a billion dollars in ten years,

The period he wrote, “Art of the Deal,”

So bad at business, he thought he’d change gears.

Perhaps a book would oil his creaking wheel.


Of course, we know the Donald did not write

That book or any other he may claim.

He hires ghost writers, which has come to light,

Since his command of English is so lame.


And now we know that Trump lies every day.

You can’t trust any contract he may sign.

And, on the morrow, who knows what he’ll say

Or what new, shady scheme he may design?


So Donald Trump failed clear up to the top

And we know Russkies gave their man a boost.

The Democrats cry, “Someone, call a cop!”

Will we see chickens coming home to roost?


The essence of the Donald: total fraud.

We’ve known that quite a while but he still won.

And that implies that we are also flawed.

In 2020, can this be undone?


Jim Comey said that Donald eats your soul.

The polls say, forty six percent are gone.

We’re heading toward a night as black as coal.

Who knows if we will see another dawn?