Donald at the Bat – Day 832, Billie Barr

Day 832, Billie Barr


For an old, fat man, he can still tap dance.

He can still reach the rafters with a song.

You can’t learn his skills at a single glance;

In time you will find he gets lyrics wrong.


When William Barr sings the president’s lines,

Including lyrics contrary to fact,

Then one must suspect when Bill Barr opines,

He doesn’t think facts should have much impact.



Billie Barr, Billie Barr, sing us a song.

In the choruses, do a tap dance.

Sing Donald’s favorites; we’ll sing along,

Though lawyers and judges may look askance.


When Barr got Mueller’s report, he declined

To look at all of the evidence there.

Instead it was clear he’d made up his mind

To ignore facts that Bob Mueller laid bare.


At county fairs, kids may chase a greased pig;

As the pig dodges, evades, grunts and squeals.

Did greased pigs teach Barr to zag and to zig,

When he feels the truth is nipping his heels?



Billie Barr, Billie Barr…..


When Barr reads the facts that Bob Mueller wrote,

Selects and distorts the lines that he read,

We’re left with despair for an antidote

To how America is being led.


Bill Barr, as AG now leads the defense

As Donald Trump’s lawyer, quite evident.

Should Donald Trump’s lies have no consequence?

It seems that’s exactly Bill Barr’s intent.



Billie Barr, Billie Barr….


Does Trump rot the souls of folks around him?

When you work for him you learn you must lie.

Trump’s dishonesty at first astounds them,

Then those who stay long, will feel their souls die.