Donald at the Bat – Day 831, Biden’s In

Day 831, Biden’s In


Joe Biden’s in and Trump’s knees shake;

Trump also has a stomach ache.

When Biden’s in

White working men

May realize that Trump’s a fake.


Joe Biden is a union man

But Trump has never been a fan.

It’s evident

Trump’s fraudulent.

He’s been a fraud his whole life span.


Of those who’d take the White House back,

The polls show Biden leads the pack.

As we proceed

Will he still lead?

We know that Donald will attack.


Joe is a touchy, feely guy.

Some ladies squirm when Joe draws nigh.

Joe’s huggy squeeze,

Trump’s grabby sleaze,

Trump grabs down low; Joe hugs up high.


So now we’ll watch Joe do his thing.

The feces Trump will surely sling

Might stick to Joe,

So, here we go.

Will he be standing by next Spring?