Donald at the Bat – Day 751, Matt Whitaker

Day 751, Matt Whitaker


Matt Whitaker, the acting AG, went up to the Hill

To shuck and jive before the House; it was an oil spill.

A greased pig can be hard to catch and Matt wore lots of grease.

He danced around and squirmed and squealed; he’s Donald Trump’s mouthpiece.


He obfuscated every question that was asked of him.

The chances he would ever answer straight were mighty slim.

Why did he say what he said on TV the other day?

“Well Congressman, I just don’t know, I really couldn’t say.”


Matt told the Chair, “Your time’s expired,” thus trying to escape

A question that he did not like.  All mouths were left agape.

Such arrogance had not been seen by anybody there.

But Nadler will not let this pass, so Matt had best prepare.


The hearing ended; Whitaker walked out, still dripping grease.

But Chairman Nadler told him that the questioning won’t cease.

And even when Matt’s been replaced, the Chair can call him back

And Matt won’t have the DOJ to shield him from attack.


Matt Whitaker as AG, knows that soon he will be through.

And, when he goes, he’ll leave behind an oily residue.

Today he was so slimy.  When does slime become a crime?

Well, Nadler will make sure that answer comes out over time.


For Matt’s a subject of investigation for past sleaze.

He bilked inventors out of millions with a simple tease.

His company would market their inventions for a fee,

And they collected, tens of millions for their trickery.


They advertised a little and accomplished even less.

Inventors learned that all they got was Whitaker’s BS.

Their strangest ad was for a toilet for long scrotal sacs,

To keep your “junk” from getting wet when your sac would relax.