Donald at the Bat – Day 750, Bezos-Pecker

Day 750, Bezos-Pecker


Jeff Bezos says that AMI has threatened to expose

Some pictures that it has of him, no clothes from nose to toes.

The National Enquirer showed that Jeff had an affair

And David Pecker says they have more stuff they can lay bare.


We know that the Enquirer helped bring Clinton to her end

And David Pecker is a longtime, “loyal” Donald friend.

Now Jeff says David Pecker has demanded that Jeff say

That David’s motives aren’t political in any way.


But that’s a false assertion; it was Hillary they smeared.

And Trump hates Bezos, so we’re pretty sure that Donald cheered

When Pecker poked both Hillary and Bezos in the rump,

Because these actions clearly benefited Donald Trump.


Is this extortion?  Bezos says it clearly qualifies.

It seems there’s nothing David Pecker cannot vulgarize.

But if this is extortion, is Dave’s ass now in a sling?

Are prosecutors now reviewing charges they might bring?


And, if it isn’t criminal, Jeff still may not be through.

If he thinks he’s been damaged then we know that he can sue.

And in a pissing contest, Jeff can wear Dave Pecker out,

For Jeff has so much money that the outcome’s not in doubt.