Donald at the Bat – Day 716

Day 716


A stupid campaign promise aimed at bigots in his base,

Now Nancy must negotiate so Donald can save face.

A wall is medieval; there’s technology today

To make our border quite secure but Trump insists, “My way!”


Trump’s call-response was, “Build a wall!”  And who pays? “Mexico!”

There never was a chance they would.  They told us where to go.

So Trump ignored this promise, handed you and me the check.

But Nancy says we’re more secure to do it with high tech.


So Democrats must deal with Trump, who will not keep a deal,

His reputation so besmirched that it will never heal.

Republicans who back him still, because of loyalty

Must know it does not go both ways.  Trump thinks he’s royalty.


To open up the government, the House just sent a bill

To Mitch McConnell in the Senate; it’s a bitter pill.

They passed a bill the Senate passed; now Mitch can’t swallow it.

For if they vote and pass it, Donald Trump will throw a fit.


Republicans know Nancy knows just how the game is played.

And Trump is galled that she’s a woman, not one he has laid,

But someone wiser, better in the game of politics.

Will Nancy float the Donald’s boat—across the River Styx? (1)


(1)  In Greek mythology, the River Styx was the river separating this earthly life from Hades.  It was a one way journey,