Donald at the Bat – Day 711, parody of Joy to the World

Day 711

(Old Year summary.  May be sung to Joy To the World.) (1)


Donald was caught with his pants down

But “Christians” did not frown.

Thought his speech is low class,

Behavior is so crass,

They’ll still stick by his side;

Their principles have died.

Who cares if the Donald might lay one more lass?

Donald receives emoluments

From foreign governments.

His base says that’s OK.

So, why not let him stay?

It’s just a minor glitch,

A privilege of the rich,

So why do the Democrat jackasses bray?


Did Trump collude with Putin’s geeks

Who worked through WikiLeaks?

Though Rudy says, “No way…

“If true, it’s still OK.

“Collusion’s not a crime;

“It’s just election grime.

“That’s how all election campaigns work today.”

Donald insists he’ll build a wall

And he will play hardball.

Excluding all but white folks,

(Norwegians are the right folks.)

Examine ancestry;

It’s racist bigotry.

That’s what all the rhetoric of Trump evokes.


(1)  Joy to the World, words by Isaac Watts, 1719, music attributed to Lowell Mason, G. F. Handel, and John Wesley for various phrases and editing.  Both words and music have interesting histories. Look it up.