Donald at the Bat – Day 678, Donald Trump’s Gut

Day 678, Donald Trump’s Gut


Trump tweets his gut is better than most other people’s brains.

Will we be ruled by Donald’s gut as long as Donald reigns?

Trump’s peristalsis must be special to be so astute.

He’s Rodin’s Thinker on the throne as thoughts come down the chute.


Do Donald’s borborygmi become foreign policies?

Which burgers were the basis of his frequent bankruptcies?

Do extra scoops of ice cream make him “think” Earth isn’t warm?

And food from Mexico?  What kind of feces does that form?


And what if Donald should get gas and trumpet flatulence?

Does Donald “think” we should interpret that as eloquence?

Do we see angry tweets when Donald gets a stomach ache?

Would he like Democrats if they baked him a chocolate cake?


While scientists get data, calculate, and cogitate,

We now know Trump prefers to masticate and defecate.

But, if Trump studied medicine, then he’d have to admit

This fact of physiology: his gut’s half full of shit.