Donald at the Bat – Day 677

Day 677


When Trump speaks, we must take him seriously,

With one proviso all wise people grant.

We can’t believe that he speaks truthfully

Or we don’t have the brains God gave an ant.


That makes a grave dilemma for us all.

This man without regard for what is true,

Just might cause our democracy to fall,

Bring tyranny where winds of freedom blew. (1)


Do “We the People…” now no longer care

What is the truth or what is clearly false?

It seems we don’t, for we are all aware

That daily, truth is something Trump assaults.


Some say when Trump lies, these are minor flaws

Because he gives them one important thing,

Like overturning our abortion laws,

They’ll tolerate a man who would be king.


We’ve voted racists into government

And, mostly just because they were not black.

It’s no surprise we have a president

Continuing this anti-black attack.


“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars

“But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” (2)

When Trump is gone, how deep will be the scars

On all the backs of Donald Trump’s playthings?


(1)  “Die Luft der Freiheit weht.”  The winds of freedom blow.  The motto of Stanford University.

(2)  William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene III.