Donald at the Bat – Day 641

Day 641

Has Donald Trump just been set free?

He’s getting frisky, seems to me,

For he told Putin, he’s no fan

Of our atomic weapons ban.


What Gorbachev and Reagan signed

The Donald has just undermined.

Besides, he says the Russians cheat

And Donald Trump will not be beat.


We know that welching on a deal

Is what Trump does at every meal.

A deal that these two supervise?

To cheat and welch is no surprise.


Does Donald think a new arms race

Will energize his rabid base?

Might war with Russia cancel debt?

Is that the Donald’s brazen bet?


Though Putin says it’s dangerous

For Donald to be rancorous,

Vlad Putin will not wet his pants

In this new paso doble dance.


Might Trump and Putin reconcile,

Before the cameras, shake hands, smile?

Or might we see the pee pee tape,

While Putin smiles, our mouths agape?