Donald at the Bat – Day 602, Hurricane Florence

Day 602

Oh, Donald, the Donald will stick with the score

Of deaths from Maria reported before.

But now Puerto Rico has done a recount.

It’s almost three thousand, not just sixty four.


But Donald says, “Hold it, for those people died

Because of Maria, not during.  You tried

“To make me look bad and “unsing” my success.

“I count sixty four, so the Democrats lied.”


“Besides Puerto Rico was poor, nearly broke.

(“You see that a lot in the darker skinned folk.”)

“They didn’t have power or water to drink,

“So they couldn’t lose them; they’re just blowing smoke.”


Now the Carolinas are going to be hit

And Donald assured us that FEMA is fit,

Though he robbed their budget to give more to ICE.

The claim this might hurt them is liberal bullshit.