Donald at the Bat – Day 601, 9-11 memorial

Day 601

Remember 9-11?  Now another storm has formed.

And both are man-made, in a sense, for as our planet warmed,

Our hurricanes grew stronger, gaining strength from ocean heat,

Storm surges more disastrous where the land and ocean meet.


Religion mixed with politics knocked towers to the ground.

Denying global warming helps the hurricanes spin ‘round.

Religion mixed with politics helps some ignore what’s real.

So war and storms and pestilence become part of the deal.


Mankind is steward of the Earth, to care for land and sea.

The welfare of all families is ours to oversee.

Religion, politics and science: arguments arise.

We must sort fact from fiction; myths may lead to our demise.


Two kinds of storms now threaten us: both hurricanes and war.

And history teaches both are deadly when they come ashore.

Remember Puerto Rico’s storm?  We should be mortified.

We failed to act as brothers should; three thousand people died!


And pestilence?  Denying science is a problem too.

The “anti-vaxers” still refuse to get shots for the flu.

Vaccines enhance immunity.  When we protect the “herd,”

Then epidemics cannot start.  Denial is absurd.


The sciences are methods for revealing natural law,

Though some thick-headed people may be heard to hem and haw.

But science is a better way to fight disease than prayer,

So Donald’s war on science should give all of us a scare.