Donald at the Bat – Day 588

Day 588

Arrythmic perturbations,

My heart just skipped a tick.

I’m feeling palpitations;

My low back has a crick.

Are all these complications

Some sort of cruel trick?

I’m seeking explanations;

Does Donald make me sick?


My fevered brow is burning;

I pray for his demise.

My GI tract is churning,

Which I cannot disguise.

It’s so depressing learning

What Donald’s base still buys,

For they still keep returning

To rallies for his lies.


Trump flouts the Constitution,

Has no respect for law.

And every institution

Annoys the Grand Poobah.

Will Mueller’s prosecution

Expose a fatal flaw?

Should he fear retribution.

With Donald’s nerves rubbed raw?


The nation abdicated

What honor we once had,

When Donald denigrated

The truth to something bad.

And when lies graduated

To presidential fad,

The bigots were elated.

The country, though went mad.