Donald at the Bat – Day 587

Day 587   

The Donald has been Google-ing and now he’s really mad.

The subject searched, himself of course, and it was pretty bad.

The stuff there from the mainstream press was what he calls , “fake news.”

So now Trump’s after Google and he’s thundering, “J’accuse!”


Can Donald force the mainstream press to publish what he likes?

Can he control the Internet, call all the balls and strikes?

Trump says the Google search is rigged to not show his good side

But when the Donald’s sideways, there’s too much of him to hide.


Trump wants his news conservative, to have the Fox News slant,

The commentators fawning, like Mike Pence, the sycophant.

But since the mainstream press reports what Trump says, word for word,

“That isn’t fair,” says Donald.  Thus his wrath has been incurred.


Trump knows that Putin, Xi, and Kim can all control their press,

While he makes do with Fox, which causes him no end of stress.

Trump clothes himself in glory, fearing everybody knows

And even some supporters say, “The Donald has no clothes.”