Donald at the Bat – Day 574, Astonishing Pettiness & Tribute to Aretha

Day 574, Astonishing Pettiness

The pettiness of Trump is unrestrained.

He gave a major speech just yesterday

Confirming that he needs to be retrained

About the sort of things polite men say.


his subject was our budget for defense.

The Congress named the bill for John McCain.

Considering his service, that makes sense.

But Trump thinks John McCain’s name is a stain.


Trump named key Congressmen who helped it pass

But did not say McCain’s name evon once.

Such pettiness, astonishingly crass,

Another one of Donald’s peevish stunts.


So: Hail to John McCain!  He served us well.

Bronx cheer to Donald Trump and let it smell.


Thou Shalt Not Criticize

Today, in one more fit of pique, John Brennan felt the ax.

The former CIA Director learned, when one attacks,

Or even disagrees with Trump and is a Democrat,

He’ll lose his clearance for security, Trump’s tit for tat.


Then Sarah Sanders said that John said things that were untrue

But Brennan was just critical of Trump and that’s a clue.

For eight more Democrats are sitting on the Donald’s list.

They’d better keep their mouths shut, lest the Donald should get pissed.


The Donald has no tolerance for those who disagree.

A sycophant like Pence survives; his style is plain to see.

Both Trump and Pence have said things that were simply flat out lies.

Not lies but disagreement with Trump leads to one’s demise.


Two public servants, both named John, have felt the Donald’s pique.

Their sin in Donald’s eyes was that they offered a critique.


And on this day, the 16th of August 2018:

A Tribute to Aretha Franklin, RIP

Aretha Franklin

The Queen of Soul is moving on

To brighten Heaven’s halls.

It’s sad to know that she is gone

But, when our Maker calls

And says, “You’ve had your Earthly fling,

“Now come on home to me,”

We think God wants to hear her sing.

A bit of jealousy?


Her time with us went way too fast

For her to have to leave.

But when the great ones breathe their last,

It is no cause to grieve.

Instead, we all should celebrate

That we had them a while.

We all must play our final date

And travel our last mile.


She sang for us for sixty years

And freely shared her soul

With millions of us, so no tears,

Let memories console.

A natural woman, through and through,

Respected everywhere,

And when our Maker says, “Now, you,”

We’ll all join her up there.


Stephen Baird, August, 2018