Donald at the Bat – Day 573, Trump a Racist?

Day 573, Trump a Racist?

The tweetosphere makes Donald Trump’s misogyny so clear.

It seems his only thought is how girls fill out a brassiere.

If you see those he hires, you’ll notice most will score a 10.

Intelligence?  Brassiere cup size?  Smart women scare such men.


Black women annoy Trump the most.  Invective hurled at them

Most frequently says they are dumb.  Their power rankles him.

So Omarosa is a “dog.”  Maxine has “low IQ.”

Reviewing Donald’s history, this stuff is deja vu.


Republicans disgrace themselves; they mostly stay tight-lipped.

Trump makes the most outrageous statements when he goes off script.

His tweets are crap he wrote himself.  He can’t claim he did not.

Republicans stay silent.  Honor, ethics are both shot.


Is Trump a white supremacist?  Looks like the answer’s “yes.”

But why do most Republicans just seem to acquiesce?