Donald at the Bat – Day 571, Omarosa

Day 571, Omarosa

Now Omarosa Manigault is making quite a splash.

She wrote another tell-all book to generate some cash.

She said Trump spoke the “N word,” was recorded doing so.

She worked on The Apprentice, at the White House; she should know.

Trump says she is a low life; she was fired from both his “shows.”

Trump put her in the White House though, as everybody knows.

She could have been there just for show; black Trumpists don’t abound.

Though Trump still has Ben Carson, there are damn few blacks around.


Is Omarosa credible?  Is what she tells us true?

We know that Donald lies a lot.  What should the public do?

Is this a game of liar’s dice?  Which whopper wins the day?

When almost everyone distrusts what either has to say.

What gives the White House heebie jeebies is that she has tapes.

Since there’s backbiting going on, this promises more scrapes.

A person who has worked with Trump for almost fifteen years

Had learned she’d better tape their talks, as well as all her peers.