Donald at the Bat – Day 570

Day 570

Several dozen white supremacists tried to hold a rally

With thousands more opposing them, said the official tally.

Whites only, versus everyone, two different views attested.

On seeing this divide today, this question is suggested.


How big is your family?


Is it just our mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers,

Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins?  Or are there some others?

The Bible tells us that just one man and woman started us

Then our human wandering and our religions parted us.


How big is your family?


We are ninety nine point nine percent the same by DNA.

And that means there is just one large human family here today.

Now that we know that families diverge by evolution,

All primates are our cousins.  But that’s not the whole solution.


How big is your family?


Our DNA shows plants and animals are also cousins.

Our family is billions; it is not just a few dozens.

All life came from a single source, then natural selection

Produced varieties, all cousins.  Now there is no question.


So, back to white supremacists and hope for domination.

Would anyone who’s sane let neo Nazis rule the nation?

For when the Nazis ruled a nation, they were homicidal

And modern science teaches us that this means fratricidal.