Donald at the Bat – Day 558

Day 558

He’s Rudy Giuliani; call him, Rudy.

He is a lawyer for the President.

He works for Donald Trump like Howdy Doody,

Trump’s public puppet, clearly evident.

On almost every day his job is lying.

His mouth will move when Donald pulls a string.

On one day he is laughing, one day crying,

To cover up the feces fate may fling.

Most puppets do not do much heavy lifting,

For they only say what they are told.

His job is sneaky goalpost shifting,

Although, somehow, not everyone is sold.

You’ve all heard Donald Trump say, “No collusion!”

Since now it looks a lot more like there was,

Then Rudy is sent out to sow confusion,

Exactly what a puppet spokesman does.

Remember him; he’s Rudolph Giuliani.

His job is: make shit smell like frangipani.