Donald at the Bat – Day 523, Bigotry Wins

Day 523, Bigotry Wins

When Trump announced his Muslim ban, religious animus

Was clear to friend and foe alike, infectious, oozing pus.

Although his base cheered lustily, appellate courts said, “Wait,

“The Constitution won’t permit a ban just based on hate.”


So White House lawyers added National Security

But left in too much anti-Muslim animosity.

And once again the courts said, “No, for what you want to do

“Is basically ban Muslims.  Donald, we are on to you.”


So White House lawyers, back to work, put in another tweak.

They added North Koreans, Venezuelans, so the reek

Of anti-Muslim bigotry, though clear to a sharp nose,

Might pass the Court this time and bring the matter to a close.


And so, today the Court said, “Yes, this ban is not a crime.”

Just five said it was legal; four of them still smelled the slime.

Trump’s lawyers put some lipstick and a fig leaf on this pig.

That doesn’t make it kosher though; a pig is still a pig.