Donald at the Bat – Day 522, When truth becomes political

Day 522, When truth becomes political


When truth becomes political,

Religion gets involved,

Some facts become inimical,

Beliefs might be dissolved,

Then scientific arguments,

Though cogent, clear and strong,

Will likely face such strong dissent,

They’ll be dismissed as wrong.


Should we let accidents of birth,

Religion, politics,

Determine what a “fact” is worth,

What “information” sticks?

Religions mostly accidents?

And politics as well?

For most, they’re just a consequence

Of homes where children dwell.


When science says, “Be rational,

“Go on and change your mind,”

Strong faith, that’s more devotional,

Says, “Do not change your mind.”

The Earth is warming; we evolved;

Immunization: wise.

Our science has these problems solved.

Believers call them lies.


Religious, right-wing politics

Forbids the mind to stray

To science when a fact conflicts

With what faith has to say.

The faithful mind, is hard to change

By data-driven facts,

That style of thinking is too strange;.

One’s faith must not relax.

The skeptic’s mind admits no god.

No heaven and no hell.

To them, the faithful mind is flawed

That fears the infidel.

Is there a way to reconcile

New data with belief?

Will these forever be hostile,

And give each other grief?


It’s always hard to change your mind,

Particularly when

New data put you in a bind

Where you can’t say, “Amen.”

To change what you have always “known,”,

When data show you must,

May often shake you to the bone,

Destroying what you trust.


When Galileo’s data showed

Copernicus was right,

Afraid their dogma might implode,

The Church commenced a fight.

The Earth went ‘round the sun?  How brash!

Such thoughts were labeled sins.

But when the Church and science clash,

Then science always wins.


So, faith and politics evolve;

As time moves on, we change.

Our faith-based errors will dissolve,

But we must think long-range.

So, scientists: don’t just insist,

Insisting constipates.

Conservatives: don’t just resist;

To know truth liberates.