Donald at the Bat – Day 521, Competence?

Day 521, Competence?

It’s time that we consider

The Donald’s competence

He’s often in a dither,

Confused by evidence.

He likes to toss false facts out,

Base easily deceived.

Frustrated, Donald acts out

When he is not believed.


His cabinet must praise him,

Be sycophants like Pence.

No praise?  (Kim Jong Un slays them.)

To Donald, that makes sense.

Incompetence attracts him.

DeVos and Pruitt thrive

And anyone who backs him

And those who will connive.


He’s deep in debt to Putin,

Who leads him by the nose.

Trump will not stop disputin’

What all the research shows.

Vlad screwed with our election

And helped the Donald win.

This obvious connection

Is clear, to our chagrin.


Does Trump know what he’s doing?

It doesn’t look like it.

The nonsense that he’s spewing

Is basically bullshit.

He claims he’s a deal-maker

Who’ll make great deals on trade.

But he’s been a deal-breaker

Of treaties others made.

When Trump turns on his spigot,

Out pours lie after lie,

And the Donald makes a bigot

Feel like a normal guy.

He’s trying to retrain us

To think his lies are true.

But Trump’s an ignoranus. (1)

Let’s bid this ass adieu.


  1. Not a misprint.  “Ignoranus” is gradually becoming recognized as a neologism meaning “an ignorant asshole.”  Lexicographers debate over whether the words, “stupid,” or “ignorant,” are more appropriate.  “Anus” is clear.