Donald at the Bat – Day 520, “Et tu, Melania?

Day 520, “Et tu, Melania?”  (1)

The FLOTUS flew to Texas, where

She saw some of the kids

Incarcerated in our “care,”

Whose folks’ asylum bids

Are being ruled on by a judge.

They’ve been charged with a crime,

“Illegal entry.”  Trump won’t budge.

So, kids are doing time.


Melania reported that

The kids were doing fine.

Administration’s words down pat,

She followed Donald’s line.

Then there’s her jacket: (this is true)

With writing on the back.

“I really do not care, do U?”

Let’s give her some feedback.


What do we think that FLOTUS meant

Displaying such a phrase?

Did this mean some sort of assent,

Some sort of moral haze?

The coat is in a catalog,

The phrase something she bought.

So, what will be the epilog?

Might she just not have thought?


These kids have had an awful scare.

Would it not frighten you?

We know that Donald does not care.

Melania, “Et tu?”


  1. Et tu, Brute?”  Latin for, “And you, Brutus?”  William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 3, Scene 1.  This was said by Caesar to Brutus as Caesar was being stabbed to death by several Roman Senators, including Brutus.  There is no contemporary evidence that Caesar actually said this but it is now part of our culture.