Donald at the Bat – Day 518

Day 518

First Trump convened his cabinet so Mike Pence, et al, could fluff.

And then he said he’d sign and order, though still talking tough.

He showed his recognition that our country’s had enough.

To take kids from their mothers’ arms strikes us as just a crime.


Both Trump and Sessions turned asylum seeking into crime.

Though there are ports of entry, they are closed lots of the time.

Asylum seekers come here in the daytime and nighttime.

They come to ports of entry where they’re mostly turned away.


Asylum seekers, when they’re stopped and told to go away,

Will just go somewhere else and cross the border anyway.

That’s just a misdemeanor, “no big deal,” most folks would say

But then ICE steps in and starts separating families.


Trump said the law required them separating families.

Of course, as usual, that’s not true, Trump did it just to please

His bigot base but finally listened to the fervent pleas

Of everybody, lefties, righties, and some of his base.


The Donald knows he owes election to his bigot base,

Misogynists and xenophobes who worship the white race.

Do they embolden Trump to lie right to the nation’s face?

But, miracle of miracles, today Trump lost his nerve.


He signed an order, which he told us took a lot of nerve.

He’ll keep kids with their families.  Is he throwing us a curve?

For we know Trump does nothing that won’t blatantly self-serve.

When Donald showed “compassion,” it meant he knew the expense.


Besides the liberals, corporate boycotts increased Trump’s expense.

Four airlines said, “We won’t fly kids to hold behind a fence.”

So Donald signed his order.  Kirstjen Nielsen and Mike Pence

Resumed their role as fluffers for Trump.  Are they both that dense?