Donald at the Bat – Day 517

Day 517

May one use “evil,” as a word describing Donald Trump?

For “evil” conjures Satan, demons, burning sulfur smell.

True “evil” is not just annoyance, pothole, or speed bump,

A cruel act of will, not just a mindless cancer cell.


The drug cartels are evil; they sell poison to get rich.

Tobacco companies have done this.  Are these two the same?

If something’s legal, does that lift it from the “evil” niche?

How many mitigating factors modify the blame?


The “evil” concept is quite new, created by mankind.

For morals do not govern “nature: red in tooth and claw.”

Survival of the fittest is not cruel, is not kind.

But “evil” implies understanding ethics and the law.


Is Trump a Homo sapiens, the Latin for “wise man?”

His genus clearly Homo, but is Donald truly “wise?”

Did Donald Trump show wisdom when he made his Muslim ban?

But something is not “evil” just because it is unwise.


Now Trump is deadly serious.  This cruel game he plays,

By jailing children just to get the money for his Wall,

Should part the clouds for everyone.  There is no moral haze.

Of several elements of “evil,” Trump fulfills them all.


It’s wanton cruelty, when you use kids as pawns in chess,

Denying their humanity, just pieces in a game.

Then “evil’s” specter just appeared, a fright we must address

And, if we don’t take action, then we also earn the name.