Donald at the Bat – Day 511, In Praise of Autocracy

Day 511, In Praise of Autocracy

Vlad Putin is a great guy; we should get along with him.

(Because?) he messed with our election, he is Donald’s friend.

And Kim Jong Un is great, so we should get along with Kim.

His people starve to pay for nukes.  Such fences we can mend.


Trudeau, the frog, Macron, their motley crew, all such a pain.

The Limeys, Krauts, the Wops, and Japs, who once comprised G8—

But when Vlad took Crimea and invaded East Ukraine—

The G8 threw him out, and just for something that he ate.


Who asked for their opinion?  Vlad’s a standout autocrat.

We know he murders enemies; his heel is on the Press.

A big man with big appetites, today’s aristocrat,

When he speaks, lackeys jump and his opponents acquiesce.


And Kim is the same sort of guy; Trump thinks we should connect.

For he knows how to get things done; of that we have no doubt.

And Erdogan, Duterte, such men merit our respect.

G sixers, small “d” democrats; may be on their way out.


All autocrats indulge themselves: in food and cash and sex.

So Donald fits right in with them; his lifestyle testifies.

Squash media, their enemy; that thinking’s not complex.

So cults of personality are then free to arise.


A child will ask its parents, “Are we there, yet?” in the car.

Are we there yet, and where is “there,” that place where we might be?

Trump’s cult of personality—already gone too far?

It sort of looks like that, if you look at the GOP.


As we march to autocracy, our government’s third branch,

Our independent judges, also have to be defied.

Will pardons castrate them, like cowboys cut calves on the ranch?

With Congress not resisting, Trump may soon be deified.