Donald at the Bat – Day 510, Tribalism and Money

Day 510, Tribalism and Money

Everybody’s genes are 99.9% the same.

And we’re very tribal as we play the human social game.

Tribal in religion, language, hundreds of ethnicities.

Though we disagree as tribes, on money, everyone agrees.


Donald Trump has made his living, learning to manipulate

And to take advantage of ideas we all love or hate.

Tell the Protestants one thing, another message for the Jews.

Truth is not important but what counts is if you win or lose.


Chorus to insert periodically:

Everyone believes in money.  Everyone believes in cash.

Everyone thinks life is sunny when you have a bigger stash.

Be a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist; be a Hindu or a Jew.

Disagree on gods or idols; money will move all of you.


There is one thing we all worship; one supreme god has been found.

Damn near everyone wants money.  Money makes the world go ‘round.

Donald Trump divides by color, then unites by common greed,

Telling us we can be bigots and financially succeed.


Rich TV evangelists preach they are right; all others wrong.

We must give the Donald credit; he has learned to sing their song.

Trump’s done better than the preachers, though his style is crude and brash.

Our ethnicities divide us but we all believe in cash.


Look down on your colored neighbors; look up to your golden god.

Prejudice is pretty normal; loving all mankind is odd.

This, we know is Donald’s message.  He served it; we ate our fill.

Who cares if you love the stranger?   You revere the dollar bill.


O, Canada

The Canadian menace is shattered

And Trudeau was destroyed in a tweet.

His G7 cronies are scattered

By the Donald’s unbearable heat.


In our G7 trades we lose money.

Donald tells us right now, “This must end.”

He’ll no longer call Angela, “honey,”

And no longer call Trudeau his “friend.”


He will make friends with Vladimir Putin

And “Dictator for Life,” China’s Xi.

These two men tolerate no disputin’

(In their countries, the Press is not free.)


If the G7 congress continues,

Their alliance is not about him,

So the Donald will look for new venues

And to start, he’ll trade Trudeau….for Kim.