Donald at the Bat – Day 501, Pardon me?

Day 501, Pardon me?

Please , pardon me if I do not support

The Donald’s claim of autocratic power.

Apparently he thinks when things go sour,

He’ll give himself a pardon.  “Let the Court,


“Deliberate my autocratic claim,

“Which I assert because I’m President.

“Don’t be surprised that I’m so confident.

“For everywhere I speak to great acclaim.”


The Trumpian assertion, “I’m immune,”

Comes from a narcissist, as we all know.

Most lawyers say the Court will tell him, “No!”

But can it make the Donald change his tune?


And, if Trump should defy what the Court states,

Will Congress finally show they’re vertebrates?

So, pardon me if I do not applaud.

For Donald Trump’s a man and not a god.