Donald at the Bat – Day 1436, Is Trump as Nuts as Nero?

Day 1436, Is Trump as Nuts as Nero?


Is Trump as nuts as Nero; can he play the fiddle too?

He’s frantic to hold power.  Is there nothing he won’t do?

The Covid fires are raging; Donald fiddles with the votes.

His lawsuits all thrown out, it seems he’s out of antidotes.


Mike Flynn suggested martial law; make some states vote again;

Stop Congress from approving what electors have sent in.

McConnell said, “Don’t do that.”  Donald tweets, “Disloyalty!”

“The people cannot vote me out, for I am royalty.”


Trump might recall that Parliament beheaded Charles the First. (1)

Did he rule by God-given right?  That bubble has been burst.

But here, the people have the power; that is democracy,

And we just voted that we’re through with kakistocracy.


Now, back to Nero, what of him?  He was a suicide, (2)

Although, we don’t think that is what the Donald will decide.

He is not seeking martyrdom; the price is just too high.

Besides, he suffers from “bone spurs” and all that might imply.


Trump’s Ship of State is now in flames and soon it will be ash.

But meanwhile he’s embezzled an enormous pile of cash.

Did we pay off his debtors when we answered his emails?

Will we pay lawyers who will keep him out of New York jails?


Trump doesn’t want to do the job but he still wants the power.

The knowledge that he lost tells Donald that more storm clouds lower.

He’s squeezed his base for all they’re worth, has one more month to squeeze.

And, might he sell some pardons, just to add to all the sleaze?


So, Trump must leave the White House, though he says it isn’t fair.

His Mar a Lago neighbors say that they don’t want him there.

We’re sure he’ll have a lot to do, a lot in New York courts,

Plus golfing, maybe porn stars: two of Donald’s favorite sports.