Donald at the Bat – Day 1417, False Prophets

Day 1417, False Prophets


As I read the papers, watch news on TV,

I see charts and graphs of Covid 19 spread,

A pandemic blitzkrieg anyone can see.


Some who followed Donald learned they were misled.

Unafraid and maskless, with no vaccine yet,

They learned Trump deceived them but too late; they’re dead.


Those who followed Donald, made a foolish bet,

When they found he’s just a narcissistic fraud.

Dying for false prophets is a heavy debt.


Narcissism’s common in a would-be god.

Many of them study those whom they can fool.

Who are those they’re seeking?  Those who will applaud.


Following your prophet, in his faithful pool,

Does your prophet profit?  Are you just a tool?