Donald at the Bat -Day 1394, Dark as a Dungeon (Friday the 13th)(parody to “Dark as a Dungeon”)

Day 1394, Dark as a Dungeon (Friday the 13th) (1)


Hear this, Trump supporters, your man lost the vote,

For they’ve all been counted and that’s all she wrote.

Trump’s voter suppression fell flat on its face

And women of color determined the race..


It’s dark as a dungeon and cold in his house.

Now Trump’s an evicted, incompetent, louse.

Will he be indicted; will he go to jail?

Will Vladimir Putin come up with his bail?


When Trump was campaigning, infecting his crowds,

He brought Covid with him in dark, toxic clouds.

Now cases are soaring because of Trump’s lies,

Supporters’ reward is: they’re dying like flies.


It’s dark in the White House; depression’s set in,

For Trump’s not accepting that he did not win.

He’s been charging fraud but without evidence;

He’s throwing a tantrum, childlike petulance.


 Trump’s charging conspiracy, and filing suits.

His lawyers, thrown out of court on their patoots.

Obstructing transition, and holding his breath,

While Covid sends thousands more weekly to death


It’s dark as a dungeon; do we see the sun?

Can Biden make Mitch let us get something done?

Will ill winds still blow; will Mitch let the sun shine?

Or will we stay deep in the Donald’s coal mine?


  1.  This may be sung to: Dark as a Dungeon, a Merle Travis song about the life of coal miners.