Donald at the Bat – Day 1393, Refusal to Accept Reality

Day 1393, Refusal to Accept Reality


McConnell and Graham and Cruz

Are still kissing Donald Trump’s ass.

They can’t seem to use the word, “lose,”

Describing what just came to pass.

The image is quite fair to use,

Although you may think it is crass.

Could they now be lighting a fuse

Which will explode Donald Trump’s gas?


Cruz still wants to be president

And he knows he’ll need Donald’s base.

So, it may be no accident

That his own behavior’s so base.

It isn’t the first incident:

Somebody who’s planning a race

Has lied to confirm his intent

And hold a competitive place.


And Graham is as bad as Pence;

He craves a place on Donald’s knee.

At first repulsed, he now repents,

Accepting all Trump’s larceny.

To please his one-man audience,

Remaining in Trump’s company,

With lickspittle subservience,

He bows and kneels to tyranny.


And what more need we say of Mitch?

Obstructionist extraordinaire.

To legislate, Mitch is the glitch,

Autocratic, cruel and unfair.

Mitch makes our whole nation’s butt itch,

Too much for the country to bear,

Preserving the power of the rich.

So, criticize Mitch; he won’t care.