Donald at the Bat – Day 1347, The Path to Autocracy

Day 1347, The Path to Autocracy


From Donald Trump’s first autocratic attempt,

Our country, sadly, has not proven exempt.

We must now prevent autocratic breakthrough,

By those holding democracy in contempt.


First, the attempt, then autocratic breakthrough.

As anti-democratic sentiments spew.

And then, after breakthrough, it consolidates,

If we give up caring what is false or true.


From breakthrough, autocracy consolidates.

And, from that time on, then it self-propagates

From seeds that were planted at that first attempt,

Which our own timidity then cultivates.


Consolidate the breakthrough from first attempt:

Autocracy, don’t think that we are exempt.

We see the “attempt” with the Donald, right now.

Who’ll stand against this narcissistic contempt?